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As many of you know, the last PvP event <EO> held was on Hoth. The Imperials were to defend a Ridge near the Starship Graveyard.

This time, its the Republic's turn to defend a few objectives! This PvP event will be a little more dynamic then the last.

The Battle of Tatooine!
Date: December 16th 2012
Time: 8PM EST
Location: Outpost Thorazan, Czerka Mines (X -2331, Y 402)

The Empire will be staging an attack on Outpost Thorazan (Which is right next to Outpost Zaroshe). I know that the Republic can respawn right inside the Base, but its not so far from Zaroshe, and its not the only objective . The Republic will need to defend the base, while the Empire will try to occupy it!

The second Objective is one I will need a volunteer from the Republic side for. The Republic will have to defend a high priority person inside the Czerka Mines (X -2331, Y 402). The Empire will be trying to kill/capture this person. This target person will need to be shirtless, and I will take their name so that the Empire knows who they are targeting.

This makes the battle a two way front. One group of the Republic will need to defend their base, while another will have to defend the target inside the mines.

I understand that they (Pubs) will be able to spawn RIGHT In the Outpost, but that's part of the challenge!
If anyone has suggestions for this event please let me know. I do want it to be as fun as possible, with as little trouble as can be avoided. Any questions, comments, or concerns?
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