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really? then how come Blizzard still hasn't fixed arcane missle? How come Blink doesn't work correctly.

Sorry kid this is the nature of MMOs.

I remember reading an article about the new Iphone. It said that if they got rid of 99.999999% of all the bugs due to the shear amount of code involved in it, it would still have thousands of bugs still in it.

Same goes with MMOs it is impossible to fix every bug in an MMO.
1. could care less about WOW and its apparently minor bugs you list. Never played that kiddie game.

2. kid? see above.

3 Iphone .. who cares.

4. Little bugs u can live with, might mention they are annoying, but no rage quit because of them.. But the major bugs that haven't been fixed since 1.4, and 1.5, those should have been on the front-burner, with all releases stopped until fixed in a REASONABLE time. If they had any kind of open communication with the players, most would have understood the delay, as it is the players are treated like mushrooms.