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As a lvl 50 Tank I will always skip as much trash and bosses as possible during the HM FP because I don't care what gear u need. I am their to get my BH comm and get out and move on to do something else. The reason why I can do this is because I don't have to wait 30 to 45min for a queue because I am Tank. I will take the penalty and queue again later to get an instant pop. If you wish to kill all bosses then roll a tank and you will be able to dictate what you want to kill and don't kill.
Yeah, I have seen your playstyle many times. That is why I want Bioware to look into this since those that needs gear/wants to enjoy the game has no chance against those that think like that.

A dps can wait up to an hour to get a team only to be either kicked or left alone for asking to do a few more bosses, it is a flaw with the gamemecanics that needs to be looked into.
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