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While war rages in the galaxy, it’s still important to keep up one’s skills for the hunt. That is why Clan Epsis releases one contract a month into the wilds of a planet to allow the hunters of the galaxy to sharpen and hone their tracking and capturing skills.

Clan Epsis releases a contract (otherwise known as a target or mark) onto a planet, removing any shuttle passes, fleet beacons, or slave chips the mark can use to get off planet. They then block the spaceport so that target cannot escape. Epsis will then announce for the hunt to begin (Both Imperial and Republic side). The prey is often given their weapon of choice to defend themselves, so this event is not for the faint of heart. Those that show considerable skill may even be offered a chance to become Mandalorian!

When: The first Saturday of every month
Where: Stay tuned for each planetary announcement!
Time: 2100 (Server Time): 9:00 PM EST, 6:00 PM PST


- Anything goes. If you encounter another hunter, you can eliminate them. Misdirection, teams, Stims, stealth, /who… all are acceptable.
- Both Imperial and Republic sided characters MUST challenge the mark to a duel to begin to claim the bounty. This means that you are intending to claim the bounty and “bring them in” to Clan Epsis.
-Payment will be given to the individual that first dueled and BEAT the mark. If someone challenged the mark to a duel first and lost, they will not receive payment.
- Level restrictions MAY apply to these hunts. (If the mark is level 20, we will likely place them on Nar Shaddaa, for example, and allow a range 4 levels + or – the target range to participate.)
- Clan Epsis is not responsible for hunter teams that backstab one another or any murders that occur while the hunt is occurring.

What the Mark (the target) CAN and CANNOT do:

-The Mark CANNOT enter Republic or Imperial bases and they cannot use flight paths, quick travel, etc. Their faces are plastered in every base; they will be apprehended otherwise.
-The Mark CANNOT stealth unless a duel has started.
-The Mark CANNOT refuse or flee a duel unless the hunter does not meet level requirements.
-The Mark CANNOT use a speeder.
-The Mark CANNOT heal unless they head to an Imperial or Republic medic station (those small stations randomly placed throughout the planets). This means that the mark will not heal if they beat someone in a duel and someone else swoops in after.
-The Mark CANNOT go into instanced areas.

-The Mark CAN travel on foot.
-The Mark CAN try to persuade the locals to help him/her. This will be done in RP, so bear in mind Clan Epsis has only given the Mark a weapon of their choice, some armor, and that’s it.

Typical prize: 50,000 credits, winner takes all.

There is no fee to enter into this hunt.

Jate oya’karir!

Clan Epsis
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