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A full weaponmaster/vindicator recruit gear'd jugg person has the following stats; No datacrons, Rakata might stim (SOURCE: AskMrRobot):

Damage (Pri): 625.2 - 773.2
Bonus dmg: 331.2
Accuracy: 99.65%
Critical chance: 30.82%
Surge: 68.17%

A full aug'd and optimized EWH (Some of the mods I couldnt find in EWH, or at least didn't see em) looks like this:

Damage (Pri): 914.5 - 1083.5
Bonus dmg: 578.5
Accuracy: 95.37%
Critical chance: 28.52%
Surge: 77.01%

Just throwin' this out there.
Aye, those are some decent gaps of gear, BUT any PvP'er worth a grain of salt will have a a fulls et of lvl 40 gear for himself and 2-3 companions. Will have TONS of Warzone comms stacked up, and knows it's pretty stupid to go into a WZ at 50 in FULL recruit gear (I've done it, it works and can be done... you just gotta be smart). They'll more than likely have a BM Mainhand and 4/5 BM a couple games after reaching 50 (or a WH mainhand and a couple pieces of BM gear). You normally swap out the Recruit bracers, belt, and weapons in order to roll with PvE modded peices. Recruit is HEAVY on Expertise and very low on stats. Also, to fix the gap in gear, 50's will obtain a free set of BM gear, much as they did the recruit gear (1.6). WH gear isn't a huge gap, and EWH gear is even a lesser gap from WH.