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I can agree and disagree. People should be able to gear out their toons extremely well. Problem is; they're exploiting a system that wasn't meant to be exploited; ie staying at the same level (ANY level) perpetually is breaking game mechanics. They do at lower levels just like at level 49 so it's another way for them to twink and actually get more out of it. Here's an example of how this exactly works:

Level 40 toon, wearing only four pieces of gear (Helm, Boots, Dual blasters) all level 40 modded with blues

Health: 8624
Armor: 744
Damage Reduction: 10%
Defense Chance: 5.0%

Dmg Primary: 371-558
Dmg Secondary: 65-121
Damage Bonus: 153.7
Accuracy: 95.15%
Crit: 22.08%
Crit Multiplier: 55.07%

Now with 4 Purples replacing the blues. Level 29 mods
Health: 9565
Armor: 968
Same DR/DC

Damage (Pri): 411-619
Damage (Sec): 65-121
Same Acc
Crit: 25.22%
Crit Multiplier: Same

FULL level 29 pruple gear: Modded bracers and belt as well. VS (blues) In order to do this, you must remove said mod from the cartel market gear (like most purple gear), the rating of the mod is higher than the equip level, thus giving you an even larger boost (Gear requires lvl 31, the mods are lvl 29 [Rated at 30]. Again, most purple gear is like this)
Health: 17515 (12258)
Armor: 5699 (4325)
Dmg Reduc: 46% (33.4%)
Same DC

Damage 705-1020 (464-551)
Dmg 2ndary: Same
Bonus Damage: 396 (146.8)
Crit Chance: 35.55% (30.03)
Crit Multiplier: 75.01% (57.05%)

As you can see, the gains are really massive.
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I didn't understand that his issue was with other levels staying at that level perpetually. I understood an issue with twinks (ie people who just twink out their gear).

Anytime anyone exploits to stay at ANY level imo it is unacceptable.

Why anyone would stay at less than level 49, when it is a clear disadvantage to do so, is beyond me.

edit: I think the confusion is coming from the term "twink". It seems some people (especially WoW players) associate this specifically, with someone who holds themselves at a certain level (whether legitimately or not). I've been gaming since the EQ and Asheron's Call days - when "twink" meant anyone who was putting in the effort to get the very best gear/stats possible. This didn't involve holding oneself at a certain level.
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