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I do think a lot of it is quality over quantity.

I know for us we try to make sure we aren't inviting everyone we see but rather like to find good players and talk to them about joining. The goal of a great guild should never be about just pure numbers but rather about how people get along, work together and interact with each other.

We run 8-man ops a couple of nights a week, are getting the 16-man ops going right now and also do ranked warzone nights (actually had 2 8-man ranked teams running last week the same night) during the week. At any given point during prime time hours we have between 5 and 20 players on which suits us just fine. Our makeup tends to average out around the player in his/her early-30s with a full time job (and one Irishman that likes to jump back on after bar hopping) that play a lot at night and on weekends so obviously there are low points and high points in how many are on during the day. We schedule things accordingly with most planned activity between 6pm-11pm server time..

I think we are all happy with our level of activity and would rather keep it this way than sacrifice the togetherness we have for greater numbers.
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