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Quote: Originally Posted by Nimithril View Post
No, what he said was 100% accurate with regards to the subject of the thread. If you submit a ticket, your character won't be versioned.

The fact of the matter is that it is your post that is obscuring the truth by introducing extraneous subject matter into the discussion that has nothing to do with the OPs' statement.

What you should really be saying is in order to clarify is: "Go ahead and submit your tickets, just be prepared to wait until the bug is fixed if your ticket involves lost items."

See how that works?

Lying by omission is still lying.

The OP was referring specifically to the threads which ascertained that the issue is with the process of either restoring or granting an item (which was the purpose of the tickets in question).

What the OP stated near the end of his post, though not as clearly as you seem to need, is that he doesn't understand why CS is still restoring items if the solution has the chance to render the character in question unplayable.

I am not sure what your dog is in this hunt, but your post has little to offer.

See how that works?