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flimsy strawman
I obviously wasn't saying they only made 1 movie ever. I was saying their old cartoons, which is what made them rich in the first place, were all one cartoon with the characters modified. I was using it to illustrate that the suckage is not new and has in fact been present from the beginning.

Edit: And you included an Adam Sandler movie in a list of "great films", therefore your opinion is invalid. About anything. Forever.

Edit 2: And you actually think Disney had anything at all to do with most of your list? Disney, the company who thinks open toe shoes are too sexy for its employees to wear in Disneyland? That's who you think is responsible for Trainspotting? Seriously? Plenty of companies, including my last job, are owned by other companies who have little to no interaction with them. I'd bet my left nut that's the case here.