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Now that is an impressive job of dancing around the truth.

You are technically correct, submitting the ticket does not cause the versioning error. However, the process you use to restore the item or grant the item the ticket refers to DOES indeed cause the versioning error.

Just a bit of clarity for the masses, since you did a nice job obfuscating the real truth of it.
Agreed. In all honesty, paid subscribers shouldn't have to wait weeks for a solution to access their main characters. Unfortunately, Customer Service seems to take all the brunt of the issue when it's really the Developers that fix the issue.

Note: The "restoring" a character is obviously creating a server issue where the Character that is restored is not sitting at the same patch level of the server. The ones who decide to "fix" a character should've created a backup prior to restoral. So in the event of an complications, the character could be recovered from said backup.

Whoever the IT Manager is for the server restorals is, needs to add this to the restoral process, so that issues like these don't happen. Customers shouldn't be told, "It should work on the next patch!" Customers should be told, "It will work in the next hour."

A "small percentage" doesn't seem to be quite the case anymore. Having Customer Service tell paying customers that it will take longer is bad business. Someone from their Development Team needs to own up to this issue and really explain what is going on.

Bioware/EA needs to take note on the "small percentage" because that's a lot of money they could potentially lose.

To all the Customer Service Representatives: Send this directly to your developers to chew on, or your Junior Systems Administrators, because in all honesty, it seems a lack of training and communication are pissing off a lot of people. Track down who the person or persons who restored the "Small Percentage" and have them apologize to the community IN THE LEAST. If it's a small percentage, then it would account for a small group or single person. Your loyal fan base is dying, and it's small issues like this that kill it.