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Making Jedi like gods to the non-force user is bad for character development while making jedi-murdering Mandos greatly reduces the value of the Force.
It's ridiculous for jedi not to be invincible. If you have telekinesis you can just make the mandalorian put his gun in his mouth and blow himself away. Or he could just stop his heart. He could use the force to pull the battery out of his blaster. If the force can lift an x-wing I'm pretty sure it could squish the mandalorian into a little sphere the size of a golf ball. There's a million different ways a force user can kill you from another room before you even see him. Remember, he can sense you with the force so he can see you through walls. It's reasonable for other force users to be able to protect themselves from just instantly having their spines snapped with the flick of a finger, but there's no reasonable explanation for anyone who can't use the force killing someone who can, other than being surrounded by Ysalamirs. Not saying this would make movies, books or games better. I just mean that's how it would be in real life.