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I don't typically pursue romances as most seem forced or non-nonsensical so I won't comment on them.

The storyline for SI makes the most sense as human, but zabrak and rattataki could work. You ancestor is obviously not a twi'lek and it is a bit odd to think force sensitive purebloods would be slaves for generations. I RPed that the SI quickly realized how power gave her freedom, and thus became incredibly power hungry. Also, as she gained more power, she became more like her former oppressors. With that motivation in mind, pure darkside choices made perfect sense. Never tried LS, so I can't say if it works.

I think any race works fine for consular, but DS makes no sense. Often your conversation choices will be neutral at its darkest with a random "kill that guy for no good reason" thrown in. The most threatening thing you will ever get to say is "death is a part of the force."

Just about anything works. Pure light is a BH seeking honor and glory, pure dark seeks violence and bloodshed, neutral just seeks money. Race doesn't really make any difference in the story.

Pureblood probably fits best, especially for pure DS, but race isn't really important. I ran neutral with the character wanting power and glory, but not wasting time with killing the weak. Worked so well that I never left neutral on the alignment scale without even trying. DS is just being a cruel bloodthirsty jerk, which makes more sense as a pureblood. Pure LS is probably the least believable, but it works.

I can't comment on Act 3, but up through act 2, neither pure dark nor pure light make sense. Pure light means you're an ineffective agent and intelligence would stop using you. The darkest option for the end of act 1 should mean that Imp Intelligence is no longer will to work with you. As for race, chiss has some extra dialogue, but the ability to convincingly infiltrate enemy ranks would pretty much require human.

Any race works. Pure dark means the order should have kicked you out, so it doesn't work. Pure light works great as well as neutral leaning dark. Neutral leaning dark is essentially Anakin Skywalker: making harsh decisions for the greater good with a few outbreaks of violence where your emotions overpower you.