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Ok I don't know too much about mando's but I am playing the BH story and they are being treated like "Honorable people" that are "good". Normally being light side is acting like a mando going by how the story is written. While you being dark side is you normally looking for fights/blooshed(normally how I think mando's act) and more money depending on your choices.

When I first read up on mando's and talking to mira from kotor 2 and the events from the mando war they seemed like warmongers that that capture and take slaves etc. Plus meeting canderous from kotor he is not a nice guy at all and when I think mando's I normally think of him or deathwatch from clone wars.

Sooo how do mando's normally act according to canon? I mean old mando's? Cause to me they seem like space orcs and the ones in the BH story don't fit my idea of a mando. Hence why I say mako see's mando's and bh through rose tinted googles. (I refused mandalore since I did not like what I saw during the events of act 1 and the revanite mando's)

I am so confused can someone who knows more about mando's shed some light on this There are so many conflicting stories on how they act. I do recall some people saying deathwatch is the correct way mando's normally would act... well I am just simply confused about the whole thing.