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There's nothing to be mad about because you're not as good as you think you are. I watched a solid half hour of your recorded stream and there was -nothing- impresive about it.

You clicking an ability while doing nothing else (and this is throughout the video BTW) makes you look bad. Although I appreciate the smack talk, you should point your anger at me instead of the guy above. (I don't have a jugg and my High Level PVP'er valor 85 (I hit 65 before they changed the amount of valor you got per WZ) is a sorc that isn't spec'd FoTM. ) I'm pretty sure I know a really good sorc when I see one and you are just not on that level.

Please continue to trash talk on the forums though, it is amusing to say the least.
ive played with and against lux.. i can assure u he's a tough opponent and that he likes to lone wolf it alot

lets remember that a sorc.. especially a sorc by themselves in swotr's current balance state is a very hard situation..

and if ur not healing as a sorc the best thing u can do (and what i do personally) is run around throwin bubbles and dps'ing from a range