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12.07.2012 , 12:31 PM | #14
If you know how to tank, even HM FPS are not that hard to do, as long as you are at least in recruit. The big thing that might draw ire, is that you won't know how to skip trash. Just follow one of the other players and generally you will be ok. Be upfront at the beginning of a boss fight that you don't know the fight and someone usually will clue you in to what you need to do. In flashpoints where you start with a cutscene, you can use that time to let everyone know you are new. In ones that don't, it's probably best to just run with the group until the first major fight. That way, you aren't miles behind those ADD players who run off immediately while you are typing.

Make sure you use your guard function on a DPS if they are pulling agro from you. It is a great way to equalize dps that have much better gear.

Most players are fine. I can count a handful of times where I had to deal with a jerk. If someone is a jerk, just /ignore them. They won't be able to que with you again and they have just added to their cue time.