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It also stands to reason that G0-T0's body would be more resistant to ionized particles than most other droids. If we look at what a droid supposedly can't do, I think we're making a huge mistake. As a droid progresses without memory wipes, they develop more and more of a personality. While they may have a core objective, they also can have free reign on how to accomplish it, and then we have droids that completely surpassed their programming. Is there things G0-T0 might in theory overlook, sure, but any organic (for lack of a better term) could also overlook things.

Thinking Darth Plagueis has the advantage simply because G0-T0 is a droid, is a serious mistake; especially since G0-T0 had already outwitted numerous other crime bosses on a routine basis.
I agree, he can get an advantage over his droid 'army' however. But that's just it, it isn't an 'army' as such, the Wookieepedia title is misleading, he had a bunch of droids defending his ship - say 50 or so. And had a bunch of 'informants' if you like on Nar Shardaa, but were not talking a military grade armarda or anything. He does have a HK-51 factory though. But the point is, G0-T0 would strike from the shadows.