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I PvP 16+ hours a day on my server. You're right. It's getting so very very common. It's literally happening every other game, there's are least 3 twinks inside (18k sins that hit for 5k a pop. 19k PT's that kill you two shots. Vice versa for imperial side. Pubs do it as well). Gear is part of the game, sure, but so is skill. Level 49's that continuously drop games so they don't hit 50 are doing nothing but griefing. They get nothing aside from the satisfaction of dominating lesser geared people who don't really stand a chance. Worse is when they roll a 4+-man team (you can literally run with 8 if you synch que). Before you start screaming 'You're a nub! Gear up!' I have. I leveled 9 level 50's. I did the BM gear grind on TWO toons before they made it easysauce. I also had two toons in champ/cent gear. The rest: Full BM. I've seen what the 50 bracket is like in recruit gear (4 toons: Op, Guard, Merc, Mara.), and I still did well in it. Any BM geared toon I jump in with, I can still do extremely well vs people in WH gear. I have a fighting chance. 'Breaking' the Bolster buff by modding out the way they do is just pathetic. The worst is when they're running around ~lvl 10-18 WITHOUT an Advanced class. Don't believe me? Try it yourself. A total of ~20k damage with a single master strike is a bit scary and broken.

I, myself, have tested this stuff. I threw entirely purple mods and gear on my guard at level 49 (I can afford what I can't get, but doing dailies I can mod an entire set of gear over the course of 5 days. It takes me MAYBE 30mins to do said dailies each day. I can make TONS of money selling these mods as well. It's not in my best interest that this stops. BUT, I can see new players, f2p players, and veteran players alike leaving this game because of this crap). I rolled half-defense, half-focus. Sat in Soresu form. My smashes were still netting 5k and I was literally unkillable. Thing is: I leveled up.
Thanks Draych, for your insight. Clearly this isn't an isolated issue. Clearly - it's getting worse.

And I think it will only get more so.

The more people that come forward with issues because of these twinks using exploits - the better. Lets hope they give it attention in the near future.


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