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I think a lot of people have been over-reacting, the Jedi being threatened by Mandalorians actually makes a lot of sense when you think about it.

1. There are a few rare minerals that are resistent to lightsabers, that's canon. Mandalorian Iron has always been resistent. Aside from Yuuzhan Vong weapons, Jedi hadn't encountered weapons and armor that could stop Jedi Lightsabers in recent history, so the Mandalorian Iron would be somewhat of a shock at first.

2. The Jedi Order in Luke Skywalker's time had rarely encountered Mandalorians in an out and out fight, let's face it the Mandalorians were more familiar with the Jedi Order, their tactics, and combat techniques than the Jedi were about Mandalorian fighting techniques, tactics, and technology.

3. The emotional mindset of a Mandalorian in combat, HK-47 pointed out once that strong emotions could disrupt a Jedi's ability to ready one's mind. Part of a Jedi's ability to anticipate attacks comes from reading surface thoughts, the Jedi, while due to the Yuuzhan Vong and thus it could be argued that this was overdone in Karen Traviss's depictions, it is canon that it has some effect.

4. The Mandalorians are a Warrior Culture, they share some similarities to the ancient Spartans in real life, they weren't exactly just some idiot with a blaster. They learned how to fight and hunt as young children, would be somewhat above a standard trooper.

Now, we then saw the opposite in later books where Jedi mopped the floor with the Mandalorians, this also makes sense if you think about it. The Jedi Order gained knowledge about how the Mandalorians fought, the technology, etc. It stands to reason that the effectiveness of Mandalorians against Jedi went through the proverbial floor at that point because the Jedi knew what to expect and wouldn't be as easily surprised.

Additionally, we could have seen substancial improvement in Lightsaber Technology or the Jedi discovered flaws in parts of Mandalorian Armor that would allow a Lightsaber to punch through said armor more easily.

So all in all, I think people have seriously overreacted, and Karen Traviss's books made the Mandalorians out to be more than simple killing machines which actually makes sense. While Mandalorians were really effective warriors, they weren't machines, so in all honesty I don't see what the problem is.