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The "Hot" Prefixes will essentially be the ones that sell the best. First you have to look at what tier of customer you are looking at attracting. You can easily RE 22 enhancements but you will make very little off each one but you can make a lot of them. 26 and 27 enhancements are very hard and expensive to learn, but will sell for a lot of money each.

Next you have to look at roles, most people play the game as a DPS, which means you will have a lot more customers if you focus on DPS enhancements. So i'd start there. As a DPS you get plenty of endurance, more then you really need in most cases, so for enhancements people usually go for the ones with a low DPS stat and higher other stats. This includes Power, Crit, Surge, and Alacrity.

Any enhancement with low endurance and a high combination of the 4 DPS stats will sell well. Alacrity ones will probably sell a little slower then Power, Crit and Surge because there are a couple of AC's that don't benefit from alacrity. So I would work towards making ones with low endurance and high Power, Crit and Surge.

As for the actual name of the prefixes I don't know them off the top of my head, they can be found most simply by searching the AH and looking at the names.
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