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You might not have heard about this, but right now many players are unable to log into their characters due to a "Versioning Error". If you look through the reports, the common thread seems to be that all unavailable characters have had an in-game Ticket responded to by Customer Support and now these characters are irrevocably broken.

Here's there's a lot of threads with players reporting the issue, but not a single helpful post from CS on the issue.

Bioware, this has been going on since before thanksgiving. Why is bioware still responding to CS tickets in-game if they're breaking accounts? Why no response?

For the rest of you, I recommend that you don't submit any CS tickets for a while, because the CS response will break your character.
I have to laugh, not at you OP, I just have to laugh to keep from screaming at how messed up everything is with SWTOR and EA and BW.

Thank you for posting this. I will no longer submit tickets until I know this is fixed.

Good Job EAware ... now you won't get in game bug reporting.