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You're a tank, don't worry about it. Tell people up front, if someone does not want to help they will leave, however dps is a dime a dozen and you will find someone that isn't a complete jerk quickly.

Healers are a little harder than dps to come by, but not by much. I have been running 1 or 2 HMFP daily on my sawbones to get a couple fresh 50 tanks some experience and gear. No one has left or said a thing about the fresh 50 tank. They have all been very friendly and helpful.

So if you are unfortuniate enough to get a jerk, don't worry about it. If you are still worried, just make friends with a healer and have them go with you. I know I don't mind going with fresh tanks, especially since tank and healer qroups always spell instant query. I have also done more than a few HMFP with new tanks and all but one I we finished the HMFP as a group (one group the 13K HP tank quit after dying in HM The False Emperor. However, the had he waited 10 seconds he would have known the death was a bug and nothing he did wrong. He died when he force leaped at the wrong time). You get a group were you have a healer and tank together, people may leave, but no one will attempt to kick you unless they are extremely stupid.

Just remember no HMFP is that hard, so don't make them overly hard, go in and learn, but most of all have fun. 70% of the players know the instances so well and are so over geared they can do them in their sleep. I tank a few on my dps shadow on guild runs. We do randoms at times with 3 dps and a healer, so with a decent group I know they can be done with a very average tank (way below average tank in my case).