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Greetings All,

Firstly, we apologize for the delay in our response to this thread. Please let me draw your attention to Joveths' post in the thread linked earlier by nattodaisuki. In that, Joveth acknowledges memory related crashes with the game client since Game Update 1.4.

We look forward to posting some good news on this issue as soon as possible.
Holy snap....I almost fell out of my chair!!! Finally a response...

Yes, honestly people...this needs to be addressed - too many users....too many issues. I can deal with the little in game bugs, I can. Quality of life - I can allow a certain amount of "wiggle room"...........but the simply inability to run this game for more than 120 consecutive minutes - is simply not on!

I will keep watching these threads for any sort of update......and hopefully, BW can fix this memory leak garbage that they broke with the 1.4's really been long enough.
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