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Hello boys and girls, and srry for my eng. I wanna be a tank. I cant decide which one(guard or vanguard) is for me .Which one is the most usefull at the endgame?( btw is it hard to find a group for operations and wb?) I dont like easy characters, i have a lot of experience in another mmorpg. I want to choose rly interesting class.
You're going to get all kinds of responses, breakdowns, math, diminishing returns, and nit picky arguments over what theory is best and who knows more, which tanks is better because he as a .0002 better base mitigation etc. Might even get some spread sheets.

I've been tanking for years, doing bleeding edge content, different games. Done the min maxing thing too. Its fun, and I don't blame people for doing that because it is a fun part of the game, but the bottom line for me is the tank that is most intuitive, takes the least amount of nit-picky play or buff and rotation watching. I used to fight in competition. When I did I never went in thinking, Ok, move my right arm, now my left....oh, can't toss that kick because I need to first use a two punch combination. LOL I don't want that in a video game. Some people do, and that's good for them. I want my tank to feel natural and flowing.

I play a Powertech because it works for me. There is no situation where I do not have something to through out there, something to use, and I am well prepared for every situation be that ranged, close in, groups, singles, survivability, threat. People may argue that this makes it "easy", but I argue that it makes it less tedious and artificial. I want to tank. I want my char able to tank. I want to focus on situations and how to counter them, not what moving my left foot then my right.

If I come back to the game I'm going to start a Vanguard. If he plays as well as my PT, I'll enjoy him also. Bottom line here OP is to find the tank that fits our style, not the one that does "X" better. You can do "X" just as well if you have mastered your tank and excel because playing him is second nature. So I guess the most "useful" tank is the one with a guy behind the keyboard that is a solid player.

My opinion anyway.
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