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All DPS specs should have DG boundless ages and a proc relic.

Tech users(minus arsenal merc) use internal, arsenal uses kinetic.

Force users (minus rage jugg/focus guard and maybe combat/carnage) use elemental. Rage jugg/focus guard and maybe carnage/combat use energy. I haven't seen any extensive testing or math on carnage/combat besides a couple posts up here.

Healer specs you're about right on, though a case could be made for 2x EWH boundless ages for healers.

Tanking is a bit harder to qualify as "this is BiS", and depends on a lot of other factors. Send in tickets though about the 20 second duration on tank clicky relics!!!!
Yea as mentioned there are a few situations you'd switch to a different setup but the others are more general all purpose for tanking scenarios.