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@ Stirges Well done. In so many ways the Jedi Code is so contrary. I find it easier to be a light side Sith than a light side Jedi lol and the Rixik story, yeah, he is so duping Mako who always seem such a innocent to me. and have Jaesa take notes? hehehe.

@ LogicLoup - I love how Maneera makes Corso squirm and the previous piece. so poignant

@ Hoyden - ooooh fun in the sun.. so to speak. and Aric and Sana at pool love the end.

@ Kabe - your Seasons it was such lovely imagery I could see as clearly as if it were one of your fabulous drawing.

@ Eversteam - your Quinn interactions are fab

@t thatghost - I feel a bit sorry for Doc. and Rusk... I am glad you rescued him from the dancer

@ Fino. - Ald & Quinn.. I don't think I need to say more

For some reason work is just sucking the creativity out of me. I have sat to write some many times in the last week and my mind is a total blank. I hope to get back into the swing of it soon

@ Elliotcat and Magdalene /hugs good thoughts your way that things get better. Magadalene check your PMs if you see this
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