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One hundred times this.

Also, General Chat is exactly that, General Chat (and all that the words General and Chat mean).

That being said, I don't whine nor cry about what I read on a General Chat channel. Now if someone was whispering to me and saying foul things just to be a jackanapes, I would then do the proper thing and use my /ignore function and report them.

I do concur that people saying racist things about blacks and Jews, etc, that I have seen, have been reported. People talking about lemonparty? Nope. People know it's a troll and don't get all huffy about it, like they are the infinite superior guardian of all chat or something.
There are things called:
  • Tact
  • Respect
  • Courtesy
  • Decency

Being anonymous on the internet does not exempt you from them.
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