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This is an online game, gen chat is for trolling. Have you not been on the internet before? If you need to sell something, use /trade or the gtn, if you need to ask a question i direct you to google. If gen chat doesn't amuse you, simply turn it off.
One hundred times this.

Also, General Chat is exactly that, General Chat (and all that the words General and Chat mean).

That being said, I don't whine nor cry about what I read on a General Chat channel. Now if someone was whispering to me and saying foul things just to be a jackanapes, I would then do the proper thing and use my /ignore function and report them.

I do concur that people saying racist things about blacks and Jews, etc, that I have seen, have been reported. People talking about lemonparty? Nope. People know it's a troll and don't get all huffy about it, like they are the infinite superior guardian of all chat or something.
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