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12.07.2012 , 09:04 AM | #28
you will never have truly challenging operations in this game for a few reasons.

the pts is a joke when you can go there and learn fights before content is even released. or read walkthroughs for such before release also. it is open for everyone. there is no nda. it is for public relations/advertisement and not to fix bugs. dont say just dont read them as the guild idiot will always do so.

how can you have challenging content when every end game operation has a story mode when you can go in with over geared toons to clear and learn the basic fight mechanics? this is a wow mechanic which was copied and is a large part of the problem. the only reason to have this is the politically correct mentality of letting every player unskilled and bad a like to see end game content. in other mmos there is truly challenging end game content which some of the player base never seen at level but did so later on. it was difficult. it took months to go through as strats/walkthroughs were not published since the big dogs didn't do so. you knew who these were on each server by reputation and not some in game ranking system.

while it is true some content has yet to be cleared by most but then it really shouldn't be. most of the "A" players in this game have already left and moved on. stating such content is now not being cleared fast by the "B" and "C" player base left (which think they are "A" players) is misleading.

what makes this games' endgame challenging isn't content but rather rampant lag for anyone with a older machine, a ui that is below a 10 year old mmo standard and a player base that really are not as good as they think they are.

the solution isn't to become more like wow but to be less so as thus far it isn't working.