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So my guild is just starting our progression into TFB HM. We're having a heck of a time with Writhing Horror's enrage timer, so I'm hoping for a bit of advice.

I'm pretty sure we're using the right mechanics, but just in case here's what we're doing:
- healers take the 1st and 4th red pools
- rDPS take the 2nd and 3rd red pools
- Melee DPS stay on the boss the entire time
- Ranged DPS take out the little adds, then Jealous Male, then back to the boss

Our DPS all average about 1000 DPS over the course of the fight (ranged spike higher due to AoE on the little adds), but we're still hitting enrage with the boss still at 10% health.

Is this just a matter of us not kicking out enough raw damage? Is there some mechanic that we're missing? I'd greatly appreciate any and all advice.

Thanks in advance!
We just cleared this this past week, maybe our slightly different strat will work for you.

We had 3 ranged and 1 melee DPS. The three ranged took turns standing in the pools. If you're going 2/2 then use one of your healers.

All DPS switches *immediately* to the male when it spawns and burns it down before the small adds come. That frees up the tanks to continue swapping on the boss if one gets low. When the small adds show up, stand in the pool and AoE. Keep the MDPS on the boss during the small adds burn.