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I have a question for you , Pay me to do it or give me a good reason to not skip anything , I don't want to be in a place that gives me nothing for a hour when I can do it in 20 mins and go get other things done ..... use my time more wisely .....
I hope you are not serious, charging credits for helping people out.

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also you need think on this, some of us have done just what you are complaining about , but after a while it gets really really old , I don't do the dailys anymore , unless it's for the weekly, .
Thankyou for proving my statement from your point of view that it has become gamebreaking.

I am not simply writing this for my part, I know how the flashpoints gets old when you have done them alot. I have 10 level 50s and has played since day one, you guess how many flashpoints I have done in my days.

Bioware asks for feedback, this is exactly what it is. Their flashpointsystem may work below level 50 where everyone NEEDS experience aswell as gear but at level 50, the flashpoint gets changed into a grinding farm where 99% gets skipped by default.