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Ok so google isn't my friend clearly, searching for 'swtor mercenary pyrotech pve build' gets me a few links to Noxic (That my expereience with an Assassin has got me mistrusting) and a thread on here from last April. Not great.

I am having a problem planning a build myself because there are some talents that are (Or seem) good, and others where I am trying to find the least useless.

This is what I have come up with 0/7/31, but I have a few questions:

1 - Where should I put the last 3 points? Arsenal: Stabilisers or Bodyguard: Hired Muscle? Or somewhere else?
2 - I currently have 3 points in Pyrotech: Integrated Cardio Package and 1 in Pyrotech: Gyroscopic Alignnment Jets, but I feel they are wasted. However the other options feel even more usless to me. Am I missing something?
3 - If our crit gets high enough, is it worth putting extra points towards getting Bodyguard: Critical Reaction?
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