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Oh that's Shien form its the vengeance lightsaber form your probably used to soresu and shi-cho that's why.

and thanks a lot Caiuss! I remember you too but cant remember from where. Just came back a week ago from a 5 month break, were u the one that helped me kill the illum boss for the magenta crystal back in the day when it was cool? lol
I was in Imperialis Exoriens. Yeah Deyvon is one of the last pure vengeance users, shien and everything. Still does exceptionally well in warzones with it. Welcome back too man, glad to see another great player returning. Although gotta admit, gonna miss your <team hello kitty> tag. I remember killing that boss, but unfortunately it was so long ago I don't remember who with. Still have my magenta from it though. And its still cool IMO. :P

BTW, hit me up in game we should talk. I'm usually on Stelios when I'm not grinding dailies on alts.
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