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Ranked warzones is something I've been advocating since day 1. We as a server need to progress forward to actually engaging on some weekly thing or even a few days a week. Time and time again I've only heard excuses and unmotivated individuals.

What happened in the past is irrelevant, you are only as good as your current team can take you. So buck up, team up, and start q'ing for ranked warzones. Just an FYI, this is pre-season. The current rating will most likely be wiped come Season 1 so worrying about rating really shouldn't be an issue.
If that's a shot at our previous record, I have to say I thought we were past this. To suggest we're scared or unmotivated to participate in ranked is laughable. Even for other guilds, there are a variety of factors that come into play for different guilds. I would suggest you try to be less provocative as it makes you look very arrogant. We may have been the top guild on the server back then (and I say that humbly), but we dont have all of our old players, and are working with new people, which means building a new name. We're not jumping into it right now for two reasons. One is gear. We may have gotten a few of our old team back, but not everyone is back, and the new people we do have we are working on getting them finished with their optimization. Second, warzone exploits. As long as the "top" pvp guilds use the /stuck, wall cap, and other exploits, we will not be queuing for ranked. Those of you who use the exploits, you know who you are. Given that certain guilds consistently use these exploits, you won't see our guild in ranked matches until Bioware addresses the problem.

And I honestly don't think anyone is worried about rating as much as you guys. You win some you lose some. That's the way the game is played. I sincerely hope that soon Bioware will patch up these "cheats" so we can participate in fair ranked matches, who's outcome is determined by superior strategy rather than who uses exploits to gain an advantage. To those of you who would rather queue up now than wait for the exploits to be patched, good luck.

I also had an idea concerning cross server ranked pvp if it ever comes around, I mentioned in a previous post how the server guilds should be united rather than bickering with one another , it would be interesting to put together the best each guild has to offer on each faction to fight against other servers. Sort of like a servers all stars team. Again communication and good relations between all pvp guilds would be necessary to achieve something of this magnitude. Food for thought.
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