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I've only seen 5-8 elite dps on reps not counting me. Not saying I'm the best player but I do know how to play my class and its specs. But merging on rep side isn't going to help much. The players who know there good based on stats at the end of matches need to come together that want to make a complete team. Do you think id and physics had great players from the start? Probably not, there guild leader/ recruiter found and recruited these great players and molded them into a team. They formed with a few than grabed players as they played that where good in wzs..
They are fortunate too have found good players to replace people who have quit the game. I know the rep side has lost a great deal of great players. Too many too list. If you want to merge guilds you might aswell join little babys icecream lol pretty sure repside has one now. If you want to build a ranked team that can challenge the elites top pvp players need to speak with me about joining up and making a team. Quality over quantity just like JD said.
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