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Greetings All,

Firstly, we apologize for the delay in our response to this thread.
That's ok bro, we're used to it.

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We look forward to posting some good news on this issue as soon as possible.
Again, it's only been an ongoing issue for months now, take your time. What's a few more months. In fact, you know what, take the rest of december off.
Also getting a crash to desktop every 1,5 to 2 hours. Also 32 bit windows system. It doesn't matter that much to me though. I am having fun with leveling alts and experiencing my class stories. Only thing I cannot do is you know, group with people. For some funny reason these crashes happen when I'm right in the middle of a +4 heroic or a FP and my team wipes when I go. Boy, were they mad after that happened 4 times in one night, but I told them to be mature about it.

But it doesn't matter, I still have the single player experience. It's not like this is an mmo or something.