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yes and in my calculations i assumed a raid setup where i would always have 20% armor pen from jugg or similar debuff.

so thats the reason for 1- (0.2 + aditional pen)

is it wrong ?

edit: u also used 0.35 twice . the first 0.35 is boss reduction . hmmm did i understand something wrong ?
I had assumed that the 0.2 was a sniper/jugg etc debuff, so substituted that with 35% armour penetration I get from my cylinder. On the operation dummy with 35% armour penetration the 280 damage relics hit for 207. That formula says they should hit for 216, so either something isn't correct in the formula or the operation dummy has a different armour value. I should probably see if my sniper or jugg has enough comm's for one and test it at 20% to see.