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I'm a tank. I run FPs mostly every day. I'll skip trash all the live long day, but I never complain if someone manages to accidentally pull aggro (everyone does on occasion), and I never skip bosses.

Even the minibosses in Battle of Ilum.

Tionese crystals are probably being removed from boss drops in 1.6, and existing crystals will be used to buy max-tier lockboxes from vendors. Never mind the daily comms they drop that everyone *****es about needing so many of. I still like running FPs, even if I grouse about getting my fiftieth Battle of Ilum or my eight-quadrillionth Directive 7.

If someone wants to votekick my tank for doing bosses, they're more than free to do so and enjoy the 15-30 minute wait for a new one while I get an instant queue pop.

12 min run , all most every BoI I get players would rather do it , some have No idea it was even POss .. ..

I Would not votekick you for that , I vote kick the one holding us up , one time I got HMFP on my sorc never got above half force unless it was a Cut screen because of how fast the tank was pulling I loved every min of that .. he was at the time in full 61's ....