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I was assigning an actual stat weight for endurance for a while but in the end i just went with my experience in mmos and some common sense . Since i duel-main healer/tank in every mmo, i have a pretty good feel for dealing with some of the intangibles that's hard to model. I can post some of my old notes where i tried to give endurance a defined value later.

If you compare 2% shield rating to 2k hp, shield will always win. But if you take 1900 total stats, which breaks down to D:435 S:817 A:647, your shield rating is so high that you can trade part of that for endurance by using a lettered mod or other means. Now you're looking at a ratio of stat loss to endurance gain that can give you some options when you look at the different boss fights. For a fight like nim kephess, im willing to trade a little more mitigation for endurance since kephess at 100-60% is the most healing intensive for us and i want to give our healers a little more wiggle room.

Again, i am in no way saying stack endurance, just that those lettered mods become more attractive as you work your way up the total stat list.
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