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I did several HM flashpoints tonight and in ALL of them the players assumed from the start that every boss that could be skipped would be skipped. The funny part is that when I convinced the groups to do bosses on the way many players needed on the stuff that dropped. It is a MYTH that every boss other then the final boss has useful loot, they drop exotech or other purple useful things sometimes.

A few of the "elite" players left instantly when I asked the team to kill bosses on the way, some even said they would put me on ignore ONLY for asking for other then "a quick run".

After have studied this for a while now with my 10 level 50s in different gearsettings, I can finally agree to my statment that there is a a gamebreaking behaviour going on within HM flashpoints. This can be very unfriendly for those that either want to play the game and have fun and be challenged by the different bosses or simply for those that needs gear because what they have is not enough for future gaming.

I strongly advise Bioware to look into this, they ask for player feedback......

This thread has lots of it

I wish there was a fix for this , but every MMO I have ever played is the same , over time the FP.s or = depending on the game gets old and have no use other then for the daily's ... and not every one has the time or wants to gear up more then 3 50 's that I know and they had a hard time getting three to 50 ...