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Good write up. I can confirm that for at least PTs the info is correct since ive done the math on them and got the same results.

The one thing that i did was also compare the value of endurance vs defensive stats once you get into that 1700 and 1800 bracket. Even with the DR getting that high on my shield and absorb, it still beats endurance in the 1700 range but by the time you're getting into the high 1800s it becomes more debatable.

I am in no way saying that endurance stacking becomes viable, but i have swapped out a few mods for the lettered ones with higher stam.

As tanks, we only have maybe 1 more tier of gear before we'll be looking at endurance more and more from hitting the higher DR ranges on some of our stats. By then we'll need an xpac like wow does to "reset" our stats.
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