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so... some simple math without any actual testing to try to back up my claim that energy might pull ahead.
(gonna use marauder ability names coz its been some time since i played sentinel)

from what i understand from testers in this thread the proc is around 6 seconds for mercs and such.
since a carnage mara has many hits per minute i suspect the proc happens even more often since its got 4.5 sec cd, but for the sake of calculating a worse case scenario lets assume 6 seconds, so a max of 10 procs per minute.

assuming no crits all the way the elemental one would do:

210*10 = 2100 dmg per minute

for the energy one:

280 * (1 - 0.35 * (1 - (0.20 + P)))

raid setup with 20% armor pen from other classes,
a hit without gore will hit for

280 * (1 - 0.35 * (1 - (0.20 + 0))) = 201.6

a hit with gore will do 280

you can use gore a maximum of 4 times per minute. if only 1 proc is affected by gore the total dmg would be :

9*201.6 + 280 = 2094.4

if i get 2 procs affected by gore

8*201.6 + 2*280 = 1612.8 + 560 = 2172.8 which is greater than the elemental relic dmg by 72.8 per minute.

so .. if i get 2 gore affected procs per minute the energy one becomes more effective.
real question is ... how many procs will actually be affected by gore... that's what i was going to try to test.
if any1 has any info on this plz let me know. also plz correct me if i have made any mistakes or made wrong assumtions.

ps: sorry for the spelling .. i just woke up
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