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I'd reccomend the Thrawn and Hand of Thrawn series if you want good stories with Luke in them.

Also, in terms of his "prime" is pretty short if your talking his physical prime coupled with his force power. (see Jedi Academy Series I think that would be the best bet here in terms of age.)

His force power shows itself in rare moments throughout early lore but the older he gets, the more easily he can use his immense power. I feel if he'd tried to take on Abeloth in his physical 'prime' (so without his accumulated knowledge and experience) She'd have wiped the floor with him till he subconsciously brought out his super power and beat her back. Older Luke imo is the more powerful Luke. Still read NJO to get a feel for the state of the galaxy, but I think Luke really shines in mid LOTF and throughout FOTJ.
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