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you know they don't want to go over the top on the first anniversary. there have been so many great things this year that giving out more than fireworks would just be ludicrous. got your party jawa, got a taun taun pet, a couple events and went F2P what else could we want. nothing useful that's for sure. if I could shoot the fireworks at bosses that might be cool. everyone knows how important fireworks are to the Star Wars universe. they've been featured in the movies. bring on the fireworks!!
a party jawa that takes up bag space woop, a taun pet which there are about 5 different types that look identicle, and now we get fireworks woop woop, no not really. What would be better, a huge party in the cantinas to ow i dont know have an xmas party at the same time with some special dance moves just for the event that can be repeated every year on every aniversary. something to actually celebrate it.

Fireworks are just flares with a bit more glitter, its like someone sat down and went what is the least we can do to celebrate, ow i know, sparkles.
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