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This is what I run in pvp.
4 piece supercommando for set bonus,supercommando weapon and shield. Everything else is DPS.
30% Damage reduction against AOE's passive,30% damage reduction while stunned.16 seconds of immunity to slows,roots and such every minute plus 30% speed increase.....the survival benefits of the tactics tree for a tank are amazing and a ton more damage output so if some silly mara decides to assault your healer, you CAN put him down. If a single anything tries to take my healer out they end up dead or running away. I DO get focused alot by good players though. It's not uncommon for me to have 3-4 beating on me. This build isn't for everyone it requires a very active and agressive playstyle to maxamize it's benefits.
Interesting build, going to have another look tomorrow when I'm a bit more awake. Looking at the talent choices I'm guessing you always run this in Ion Cell?
Also although I completely agree the SuperCommando 4pc set bonus is fantastic, if not perfect, for this build, do you think the benefits of having it with a useless 2pc bonus plus the extra endurance outweigh the CT gear set bonuses?
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