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12.06.2012 , 09:17 PM | #227
Pretty new to game but here are my best so far,


Jugg/Maur: Grimmjaw, Gamblor, Atrummos, Khonan, Lycaon

***/Sorc: Flash, Saedus, Wisps, Akarsha, Czevak, Veronika

Powertech/Merc: Kript, Noodle, Woofi, Throes, Daff

Op/Sniper: Putana, Grog, Mago,


Guard/Sent: Holyfrog, Mosh

Shadow/Sage: Jwalsh, Buletpower,

Commando/Vanguard: Chasity, Toughmudda, Nezz

Scoundrel/Gunslinger: Steelclaw, Krackers, Celo

Celo: The only player i have struggles killing! Melts me like butter lol.

Passeve: Also another Powertech that is coming along nicely.

Sorry if i missed anyone, those are the names i can remember when 1v1 in WZs

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