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12.06.2012 , 08:55 PM | #16
Its Really funny every time I refer to these forums, regarding any PvP. The initial start of the forum is a good idea. Then backed up with the statement "We want to bring PvP back" or "This is to keep PvP Alive"

But then you see some of the big PvP names on our server, bicker about like school kids... with playground taunts and what not.

Remember guys, you are the faces of PvP.
Every time I feel like playing PvP, I reminded of how you guys attack one another online. If you guys have a single goal (Make PvP big) why represent it with such a bad image? Why trash the name of PvP?

I started to Play PvP on my off nights (Non Raiding nights). yes, I do get the trash talk. but keep it in game. keep it out of the forums. This is the initial area for people to go, "Hey, lets check out the PvP Community".

IMHO... I really do not like what I see
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