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Just a few things I wanted to bring up about the current warzones

There seem to be only two warzones that are exploit free at the moment and that is Voidstar and Hutball (even though hutball can appear glitchy when pulling someone to you or when they force leap it will sometimes appear as though they have fallen when in fact they have not) Civil War some have been using the /stuck option to get to speeders and defend snow and grass without to much trouble(when I leave 6 attackers at snow and catch the run speed buff while going underneath mid to grass and they have 6 defenders somethings is wrong likewise I have seen our Imps use this as well). In Novair players have been capturing bunkers while inside walls. These two games are part of ranked game play and can be exploited.

A fix needs to be put in place for Civil War hopefully when 1.6 is released. The Wall bug from Novair seems to have shown itstelf with 1.5 so hopefully this will be fixed as well.

Another thing I wanted to bring up more from the stand point of all our guilds as a whole is you really should field your best group and not make rules as to who can bring what classes because if cross server Ranked warzones do come other servers will not ask you what they can bring or what you should bring.
If you have played Wow and done any Arena's you know that having your best team online when you want them to be doesn't always happen. In those cases others of equal skill from the guild can step in and take their place hence the reason it's good to practice with everyone not the same 3 people week in and week out. Ultimately you have the option to not queue if you don't feel you are putting your best foot forward.

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We have also heard a lot of talk about upset guilds and players saying all x and y guild can do is beat up on pugs in warzones. This is how guilds/friends practice we run into other groups all the time and we have some good competetive matches. I think this should be a non issue in any game, premade groups are going to happen for PVP if PVP is an option. It's kind of like saying don't raid as a guild because it's not fair to the players who don't have a guild....

anyway that was my 2 cents

Very well said Dash. more like $1.50
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