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Lost my 1st message here, here goes again...

I have been playing since Launch, and took a break. when I came ack, guild was gone along with most of my friends and players...

Looking todo some major PVP , and some PVE as well.
Have done up till TFB , up till Hard mode . TFB not included.

I'm an operative healer, level 50, legacy 50
Name : Karimoira Mirrickan
Took some concealment to survive in PvP pugs,and it helps a bit. But want to pay with a good gang, and have fun.
Been playing in pugs PVP and now getting battlemaster, but plugging it, we lose 80+ % of attaches and it's just sheer frustration....

I've always been a healer mostly,and have lots of experience in MMO's as such, with DPS roes as well as alts.

I've got perfect attendance, never miss an event I have to be at, but am less hardcore than in the past.

I've been in, among others;
Ultima online, everquest, war hammer online, WOW MT priest healer since classic, rift and swtor since launch
Oh, and EVE online since 2006, that's 1 hardcore game....

I hope this works, look forward to talking to you
Try LBIC. They have a lot of members.
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