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12.06.2012 , 07:56 PM | #265
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I have windows 64 bit and the game just hangs on me forcing me to manualy do a hard shutdown as my mouse and keyboard wont respond it crashes the hole pc and ive got a 3k gaming rig
As I said, the issue definitely affects some people using 64-bit Windows, just like it did earlier this year when it was fixed. However, it's a minority of 64-bit users who are affected. In contrast, almost all 32-bit Windows users are affected; it's virtually impossible to play SWTOR on 32-bit Windows and not be severely affected by this issue.

I'm sure, though, that there are a small minority of people who run the game without much issue on 32-bit Windows probably because they run the game in a way which consumes less RAM (very hard to do and doesn't help much regardless), have a playstyle that doesn't require them to zone very often, and/or have a RAM+VRAM total LESS than 3.5 gigs (which is actually more stable on 32-bit Windows than having more RAM).

Also, don't forget, the memory leak is not the only thing that causes crashes or client instability with SWTOR. So if you're experiencing crashes or other stability issues and run 64-bit Windows, it could very well be some other issue responsible, not the memory leak. And technically, the memory leak affects everybody. It just isn't problematic for most users with 64-bit Windows and lots of RAM because the client can run much longer before the leak causes it to crash.