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"Gaming" the system by taking unwanted missions, stepping into or out of your ship, then seeing if your new randomization has what you need is truly the only option we have on getting the missions we need. That's funny --as in odd, not comical -- since BioWare puts so much store into STORY. By the time you hit combat level 50 and skill level 400 in UWT, what should your story be like? Should it be that of a well-developed and diverse supply chain that can get you what you need when you need it, or should it be this:

"Hey Doc! I know you have some underworld contacts (he does have a crit to UWT after all), so could you go out and get me some Mandalorian Iron? I mean, there are so many Mandalorians around, someone has to have some. Yeah, here's the keys to the Corvette, head to Mandalore if you need to. If they don't have any there, see if you can pick up some Ciridium, if you can get it cheap. It's not as good, but we might have to make due with it. And if you can't find any of that, could you at least pick up a set of that Zeltron Personal Aroma Kira likes? It's our anniversary next week and if I forget to get her something, she'll force push me out of MY cabin into the crew quarters. Holy Midi-chlorians, who's the Jedi Master here, anyway?

"And Doc, I know you like the perfume almost as much as the ladies (Courting Gifts are a favorite of his, even if he isn't your romantic partner) ... but if I sniff any of Kira's favorite on you again, you're going back to Balmorra in the escape pod (if I can ever get the hatch to open)."

(Well, hopefully that last bit was funny, too -- comical, not odd.)

But even at combat level 50, UWT skill 400, what do you get if you game the system?
  • Grade 1 has 1 Neutral Moderate Yield and 1 Neutral Abundant Yield metals missions (out of 9 possible UWT missions)
  • Grade 2 has 1 Neutral Moderate, 1 Neutral Abundant and 1 Factional Rare metal missions (out of 13 possible UWT)
  • Grade 3 has 1 Factional Moderate, 1 Neutral Abudant and 1 Neutral Bountiful metal missions (out of 14 possible UWT)
  • Grade 4 has 1 Factional Moderate, 1 Neutral Abundant, 1 Neutral Bountiful and1 Neutral Rare metal missions (out of 16 possible UWT)
  • Grade 5 has 1 Factional Moderate, 3 Neutral Bountiful and 1 Factional Rare metal missions (out of 16 possible Pub or 17 possible Imp UWT missions)
  • Grade 6 has 3 Neutral Moderate and 1 Factional Abundant metal missions (out of 16 possible Pub and 15 possible Imp UWT missions)

(Don't fret over the discrepancies in the number of Pub and Imp missions for Grades 5 and 6 -- they're different in terms of how many Gift missions are available.)

So, if you are really Jonesing for some metals, even when you and your crew are at your most "skillful" level, you can only send out all five for the same grade of metal at Grade 5, and for everything else the yields are biased towards the low end. Best to run those UWT missions early and often. To make matters worse, the missions you have been doing the longest -- Grade 1 -- never get better than 1 Moderate and 1 Abundant Yield mission. In other words, no matter how "skillful" your crew becomes, they actually never learn to do things better

BioWare: can our next companion -- actual crew member, not part of a story arc like for consulars -- be a Voss Mystic? With the way the deck is stacked against us, I'd really appreciate knowing what I will need before I actually need it. TYVM!
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